• Soild sound bar, top notch tech support

    Nicely designed - beautiful work of art. Works with existing cable remote via ARC feature of television. Manufacturer really put a great deal of effort in creating this high quality product - both in workmanship and design. I would definitely buy more of these from this manufacturer and would love to see other products made by them.

    - Travis B.

  • Great sound, awesome bass!

    I am pleasantly surprised. I got this for my TV in the bedroom. Well, the sound is so good I'm questioning my more expensive system in my living room. My bedroom is a smaller space and this system not only fills the room with excellent sound and bass but can rock the entire apartment.
    For the price, I seriously doubt you'll find a more capable soundbar with a subwoofer.


    - David Paul

  • The best soundbar under $100

    It sounds amazing. The bass is clean and powerful but doesn't overpower the details.
    For example, I heard details in the the Vikings opening sequence that I had never heard before like coins splashing, blades colliding and more.
    Very happy with the sound.
    This soundbar also has HDMI which is great if you want to arc it.


    - Jessie Lafay

  • Can't beat the sound quality for the price!

    Just bought this system for Christmas gift for my dad. It arrived earlier this week and I wasn't supposed to receive the sound bar until later next week. I tested the system to make sure is all worked with our tv and set up. We currently own a Sanyo sound bar and this destroys that sound bar in terms of sound quality and over all simplicity to use. I've heard Samsung sound bar and LG's sound bar and this out performs both.

    - Ryan Allen

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