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Q) No sound comes out after connected to TV using ARC/ Optical (Common):
- Please make sure your TV support ARC output. Then go to Setting in your TV setting
 (may vary due to different brand):
1)Setting > Sound > Select Speaker to:external speaker (optical mode)/ turn off TV Speaker
2)Setting > Sound(audio) > advanced Audio > digital audio output > PCM Setting > Sound(audio) >
 audio output format > PCM/ Dolby off
- Please select the correct input mode.

 Visit for detail:    https://bit.ly/vmaitech       

Q) Why watching Netflix, Disney+, Amazon prime has no sound or noise, some shows have sound
 on Smart TV?
- If your TV is a smart TV. Apps like Netflix was set default audio output is Dolby and DTS for the
 movie, but this sound bar did no support Dolby and DTS, so you will hear the crack sound or no
 sound, please kindly disable the Dolby and DTS on Netflix. Please read back last page under
 Smart TV set up.
Q) Why won’t my Bluetooth device connect to the sound bar?
- You have not enabled the Bluetooth feature on your device or the sound bar.
- The sound bar is connected to another Bluetooth device if LED display not flashing. Disconnect the
 connected device and try again.
- Long Press the “Pair” button on the remote, and restart the sound bar.
Q) Can I use a universal remote?
Yes, please make sure to follow your universal remote step to set up. We have provided our remote
 code on the manual. Only support universal remote with learning function with 4-digit
 coding. And we HIGHLY recommend you use our included remote for the best compatibility.

Q) Is this compatible with Fire TV/ Firestick?
Yes, Plug the Fire TV to the TV. And connect the TV using any input mode. If using Optical or ARC.
 Please make sure you follow our manual setting.
Q) Remote not working.
1: Double check if the batteries are correctly installed in the battery slot.
 2: Replace two brand new AAA batteries.
 3: 3. Please try unplugging the sound bar and plug back in to restart the sound bar.
If the issue still exists after you did the above steps, please send an email to us: help@vmaitech.com
with your order ID, we will provide you with free replacement.
Q) Why the battery is not included?
The battery is not included due to Safety Regulation. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Q) How do you mount it on the wall?
For mounting our sound bar on the wall is very simple. Please find the mounting screw kit within our package. And simply measure and screw them on the wall. Finally, attach the back of the sound bar
to the mounted screw.
IMPORTANT: If you need any assistance, feel free to email us at help@vmaitech.com to provide you with more direct help! Here at Vmai, we truly value customer satisfaction!